Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Senior Pages and Question

Ok... so I'm not that great on scheduled updates for this blog.... Sorry guys. But here we are again.

Senior Pages. I really need to know who is having me make their pages, preferably this week. As soon as I publish this page I will be sending out the yearbook template for your pages in an email. All of you MUST use that template so that they are ready to go in the yearbook. If you have any questions or concerns about the template, feel free to ask them here or send me an email.
IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE YOUR PAGE I need you to email me ASAP. I have to get your pictures and ideas so I can start working on them. I want your pages to be awesome, and I'd hate to have you regret having me put your page together. :) PLEASE email me so we can start the process.

Those of you who are making your own pages, your page needs to be turned into the yearbook NO LATER THAN THE SECOND WEEK IN FEBRUARY!! If this seems impossible, you need to talk to Mrs. Cousino or Mrs.Wensley.

I know you guys are all busy, so am I, but please try to stay on top of this stuff. I will also try to be better about the updates.

Ok, enough nagging about the pages.  Now I'll nag you about the questions. ;)
Gabri raised a really good point the other day, "I published my other answers they still count?" Yes!! The reason we're asking for responses is so that we can choose a couple for every question. So even if you missed the earlier ones, please reply to them! It will make me very happy. :)

On that note, here is your question!
 What is your favorite HSC activity and why?

Don't forget your 140 character limit! Thanks everybody!


  1. Ally, sorry I forgot the 140 character rule on that last question.:(

    By "activity" do you mean something like color day or college club, or could it be a class? Thanks!

  2. Not a big deal Hannah, just try to remember in the future. ;)

    Uhm, we would encourage things like color day or college club. We have another question coming up about classes. :)

  3. I love the color and costume days. People are so creative with their outfits and accessories!

  4. Honestly, I really love helping out with the "Icebreakers" at the New Members Meeting: it's silly - like me - and I can meet new people and welcome them into the HSC community.

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  6. I enjoy looking at all the displays at Hoopla, seeing what all the classes have done over the semester, and picking out classes that I would like to take the next year. I like the program too. :)

  7. I have really enjoy the simple lunch time during HSC. It has given me an opportunity to talk to my friends that I don't have any classes with. I especially enjoyed the days where this marvelous period was extended.

  8. I love going to the plays. The cast and crew always do a wonderful job. I love how the plays are centered around biblical themes like love and life.