Thursday, February 7, 2013

Question, Last Call for Pages and Headshots!

Hey guys!

Not only are we nearing the end of our highschool career, we are nearing the end of our list of questions! Hooray! Please keep in mind that we would like you to answer all the questions if at all possible, so we have several answers to choose from. So, here is your question!

What is the silliest memory you have of HSC?

Remember, 140 characters please!

DON'T FORGET! YOUR SENIOR PAGE IS DO ON FEBRUARY 13TH, THIS WEDNESDAY!! You must turn your page in before or on that Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who has already finished their pages and gotten them into us!

Ok, one last thing, I need a headshot from each of you, something like a profile picture. If you guys don't send me one by February 20th, or tell me which one you would like me to use, I will be using the picture that Lifetouch took. Thanks everybody!