Thursday, October 25, 2012

Senior Questions

Hello Everybody!

So I told you guys that we had a new idea for the senior page. Well now, the time has come for that plan to be put into motion!!!

Here's the deal. We (meaning Alex and I) are going to ask you guys a bunch of questions. We're going to do one each week. I'm going to try to update the question on either Wednesday or Thursday, so check back around  that time. You can answer the question in the comments section of the post.

For example, this week's question is- *drum roll please*  What is your favorite thing about HSC and why?

You don't have to answer every single question, but please answer as many of them as possible.

Here's the catch. You can't go over 140 characters with your answer. Think of it as a facebook or a twitter status. So.... lets try it out. Ready? Set? Go!



  1. HSC is a community that has it's own professors, artisans, and dreamers.

  2. My favorite part of HSC is the people. There all so different from my public schooled friends, in a good way. I love the atmosphere between every one.

  3. HSC is a safe place to interact with people who love God and want to serve Him. Teachers lovingly pour themselves into their students. Making quality friends is easy!

  4. Nap time....nobody knows about it but me.

  5. I love the variety of classes and being able to explore all my interests with my friends.

  6. My favorite thing about HSC is taking classes with my friends, because that is something I never got to do before.

  7. I love my teachers. I love my classes. I love how my teachers make the classes fun and interesting.